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Our Family
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Charm Bracelet

February 27th...this was the day after we found out that Solveig was no longer alive inside of me. We learned mid day from Dr. L that we would need to go to the hospital the next day to begin the induction process and prepare for arrival of our daughter. There were so many details to be taken care of and it was overwhelming. Not only did we need to make sure that the kids would have child care, but the dog needed to have her own arrangements and we needed to pack and prepare mentally for what was to come. That evening, Erik's parents were able to come and stay with the kids so that we could go out and do some last minute shopping. We wanted to buy something special for the baby to wear - we wanted her to be pretty for her pictures. At first I had it in my head that I needed to get a fancy dress of some sort, but it is very difficult to find something fancy for a tiny preemie. After making lots of phone calls to local stores, I decided that we just needed to go out and do some looking. We came upon this beautiful and simple white gown and upon seeing it we both knew that it was the one for our little girl. We found this soft and cuddly blanket and decided we would wrap her up in it. I decided that it would be best if we all wore white for our photos so that we could be coordinated. For Bug, we found an adorable white dress and Buzz had a white shirt at home. I found a white top and Daddy had a white shirt as well.

After finding the clothes, I had this burning desire to go and find a piece of jewelry to help remember and commemorate Solveig's life. This is something that was suggested to me earlier that day when I spoke with an amazing woman from the hospital who helps with grief counseling. She had been through a stillbirth years earlier and said that having a special piece of jewelry was often a very helpful thing for people like us. We made our way to this store and the sales lady helped us to find a very simple and elegant bracelet on which we could place charms that were meaningful to us. We chose some initial charms to represent our three children, and also a special charm just for Solveig that had a cross on one side and said "believe" on the other side. For her, we also bought the same "S" charm and cross charm and had them placed inside a small box that was later displayed next to and then placed in her casket. I told Erik and also the sales lady that the cross charm had multiple meanings for me. I believe in the cross, and in Christ's death on the cross for our sins. But I also believe that it is because of His death on the cross that our Solveig is now in Heaven celebrating eternal life. We have the promise of being there for all eternity with our daughter because of the cross.

Every time I look at that bracelet, I am grateful for my Savior and his blood shed for us on the cross. And I'm grateful for His loving arms wrapped around our daughter. For until we are there to hold her ourselves, He will care for her in our place. That my friends is comforting.


Sarah said...

Melody, each time I read what you have written about Solveig, I am overwhelmed with tears. Your heart is beautiful, and your faith and trust in our God, who makes all things new is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart. Know that I mourn with you.

Carolyn Marks said...

Many prayers and thoughts for you and your family. Your blog has caused my mind to go into over-drive with the brother that I have in heaven. He was a born still, cord wrapped around his neck, and it's still hard for my Mom and Dad 45 years later. Hard for me as well, I think of him often, so wishing for a sibling here on earth. For Mother's Day this year, I have taken your idea and I am getting her a charm with the name they gave him and the word "believe" on the back as well. Keep writing. I believe it's very good for you, and good for us all to remember life is so precious. Your faith is beautiful!

SingerMamaMelody said...

Sarah, thank you for your love. And Carolyn, that is so precious that you are going to get your mom a bracelet with your brother's name...I'm sure that will mean more to her than you may ever know.