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Our Family
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Neglected Blog, Busy Life

I haven't written on this blog for a month or so...life has been so busy and full lately. I find that Face_book is so much easier for regular communication and quick notes of thought from my mind. But alas, here I am on this Saturday evening, typing away! It's hard to believe that January has come and gone so quickly. I LOVE getting through the month of January, because it means that February is right there and Valen_tines D_ay is nearing closer. VDay is a holiday that I really enjoy, since I am such a romantic at heart. Honey man doesn't necessarily love it due to the hype it receives, but we usually find some ways to make it special. Last year I think he was gone for the big day, so we didn't get to celebrate it together. And this year, he has a broomball game on that day! Goodness...what are those guys thinking? Taking away our romantic, sappy holiday? Hopefully we can plan something for the weekend of VDay and then we don't have to worry if it happens right on the day or not.

In other news, I had a test done recently that came back with mixed results, but the news is that I'm fine for now. And I'm learning to trust that God knows my days...His word says that my days are numbered aright. I will trust that. At least today I trust that! And on the days when I don't want to trust that, I will CHOOSE to trust that. I'm grateful for early intervention and preventative tests, and hope that we will always be able to have such measures in our health care.

And on my heart so much lately is the country of Hai_ti which recently experienced a terrible earthquake. Such devastation for such a poor country. I have felt such heaviness for them lately. But I'm so encouraged to hear all the neat stories coming away...of the rescues, the massive adoptions going on, and all the medical teams and other rescue workers going to do whatever they can to help people on the ground. May God rescue that nation and help them in their time of need and beyond. I have always had a passion for adoption, and my man and I have talked about it a lot. We are not sure if it is something for us or not, but we do think about it and like to encourage it in whatever ways we can. I've seen all those babies from H and wanted to take one in...there are so many kids there that need homes.

Well, this is a scattered post, but just wanted to share what was on my mind. Blessings.