Our Family

Our Family
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Pictures :)

If I had a hammer...

I'd bonk brudder's head with it! This is what I found the other day when I had turned my back for just a minute...big sister had bonked baby brudder with a toy hammer that she has. Geepers! Where do kids get these ideas thinking that bonking other people is okay? She's two - I just have to remember that she's two and she's learning what is right and what is wrong. And that it is good and okay for me to remind her of what is right and what is wrong! I have always said that I wanted to be the parent who keeps her kids in line...but it is REEEEEEEEEEEALLLYYYYYY hard some times! I'm learning the delicate balance in this area. I want her to still enjoy being a child and I NEVER want to crush her spirit.

Well, I must go now...kids to tend to!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Johnny's funeral

It was really special to sing for Johnny's funeral last Friday. I'm so thankful that I could be a part of what was really one of the most beautiful funeral services I've ever seen. Johnny's mommy & daddy really poured their hearts into his service, and it was incredibly honoring to him. Thank you to everyone who was praying for the family and for me. I barely made it through without crying while I sang. But God allowed me to cry in between all the music, and to then get back up and sing and have enough strength to make it through. One of the neatest elements of the service was that there were over one hundred candles up on the stage, representing each day of little Johnny's life. The candles were on a table, in different votive holders, and they were interspersed with flowers and greens...it was breathtaking. It was also really precious to hear Johnny's daddy speak. He really poured out his heart and it helped me to feel like I knew little Johnny even more. And one of the most heart wrenching and beautiful things that happened at the end of the service was that Johnny's mommy and daddy went out and brought his big sister (who is two) back into the sanctuary, and she placed a lovely white rose on top of Johnny's little casket...and then the rose was covered partially with a sweet blue baby blanket. It was so symbolic. Big sister saying goodbye to her baby brother and covering him with a blankie. I lost it then, and I'm crying again as I type this. Having children with similar ages and genders as these two little ones, I am feeling that much more with Johnny's mommy and daddy.

Oh Lord, please continue to comfort Johnny's mommy, daddy & big sister. Give them your strength and your peace and surround them with your amazing presence.