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Our Family
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A beautiful poem...

My sweet friend Emily (aka "Sunshine") who I worked with at the Y_M_C_A when we were day camp counselors wrote this amazing poem for me a few weeks ago. I asked her if I could please post it on my blog and she said that would be okay. Thank you so much, dear Emily. Your words are beautiful and touching...and when I read this I weep in gratitude for the way God has allowed you to think of my Solveig. Thank you.

An Angel of Peace

He born her onto Heaven

filled with your love.

Perfect and Precious

He born onto to us an Angel.

She burst from your womb

through Heaven’s open doors


your glorious Gospel.

She knew no suffering,

no pain,

no disappointment,

nor loss

Only the warmth of your internal home

and the completeness of your love.

What a gift for a soul

to live in your light,

to be filled by your love

To move from your sweet being

to home with our Heavenly Father

We will never know why your years on Earth with her

Must now be said goodbye to

Like water poured on a fire

the promise of this dream has gone out.

And yet, through this unspeakably grief

Which no words can capture

There is beauty

and joy

and hope in your future

For she lived within you

Danced in your body

Filled you with love

Just as you filled her

And although you do not have a lifetime

to know her, to see her each day before you

You know her in the deepest sense of knowing

Where there is no darkness or sorrow

No worry or pain

Only the feeling of her little body

Moving in yours

two souls joined

Forever in love

She is with you now.

Shining down on you from Heaven

Taking the love you gave her

And sharing it with our world

And she shares it with you.

In the flicker of a sunset

In Northern lights dancing

the warm smile of her daddy

the laughter of her siblings

she comes to you always


with comfort and love

to continually show you

the beauty you gave

in your gift to the Lord

His perfect Angel of Peace.