Our Family

Our Family
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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Tale of Two Doggies...

This is Bailey!

Bug LOVES Bailey! They get along so well.

This is Oscar. Read his story and the story of Bailey below...

It all began on a cool, March day. A mama was really pining for a pet lovey of some kind, as Rainbow the Betta Fish just wasn't cutting it for snuggle time and the mama missed having a dog and wished for the proximity of one in her own home. The papa thought she was kind of out on a limb for considering getting a dog when the house was already bustling with much activity, since there are two little ones underfoot at all times. But the mama kept looking online at pictures of adorable pups who needed homes and adoptive families. Finally one day, the mama and the papa found a sweet looking little pup named Oscar on the website for the local shelter. The papa said that the mama could go and meet Oscar, so she got excited and decided to go check him out! The next day, the mama and her two little kiddos drove over to the shelter following a morning of preschool and met Mr. Oscar. He was beautiful, sweet, full of love and snuggles, and he was half yellow Lab and half Basset Hound. He is pictured above. They brought him home the next day and loved him so.

Oscar was really a great dog, 90% of the time. But there was a small percentage of him that could not be trusted. Sadly, Oscar bit Buzz on the face one day. The one year old fence jumping adorable dog that the family loved so dearly in the short five weeks that they had him hurt their son. It was awful. This mama knew deep in her soul that the dog could no longer be trusted, but she and papa had a very difficult time surrendering him back to the shelter where he was originally adopted by them just a few weeks prior. It was one of the hardest days of their lives. Sadly too, Oscar had to be put down because he was a liability for the shelter, and would've been a liability for any future family. The odds of him biting again were too high. It was incredibly heart wrenching and the mama and papa still feel sad about it. But they had a lot of peace knowing that he could never hurt anybody again. They could've lost their son to a dog. He could've taken his eye out or bitten harder and deeper. Thankfully Buzz was okay. He still has a slight scar, but he's doing much better. And he is not afraid of dogs. The mama and papa wish he had a slight bit of fear, and they're trying to teach him that some dogs are not friendly and he needs to always ask before he can touch someone else's dog.

One week after Oscar...the mama just couldn't stop thinking about getting another dog. It was really hard to have the company of a dog in the home and then to suddenly have it taken away. The companionship that an animal provides is really quite special and unique and comforting. Mama kept looking online at the shelter website and found a lovely yellow lab mix, potentially mixed with a Husky or Weimeraner. She had the most beautiful golden eyes, and at 9.5 months was full of adorable puppy love. The mama told the papa that she wanted to go meet this adorable puppy. And the following day, the mama took her auntie and uncle and the two kidlets and headed to the shelter to meet dogs. There were many cute ones, but Bailey was so incredibly friendly and excited to meet the family! The next morning, the papa said that he wanted to meet Bailey and the family headed out again to the shelter. Of course, there's no way you can walk into the shelter and NOT walk out with a puppy!!!

The mama and papa have had Bailey for almost 2 months. She's almost a year old and is a HANDFUL! She is a chewer who eats EVERYTHING she can get her mouth onto. But she is incredibly loving and lets the children hug her and snuggle her. The family is enjoying having a furry friend in their lives once again, and they hope that she will be able to stay with them for a long while!

Happy Summer!

Once again it has been way too long since I last posted and so much has happened in the meantime. Last time I wrote in November, we had just experienced our first miscarriage. There was another in January. Much loss. Through the loss, we've experienced incredible grace and peace. The Lord has supplied our every need. And he's brought us much joy through the two beautiful kids that He has allowed us to have here on this earth. My appreciation for them has increased in this past year and I see them in a new way. My love for my babies has deepened. Here are some recent pictures of them. Bug just turned five years old in May and Anders just turned 3 in June. We can hardly believe how quickly they're changing and growing, right before our tired eyes! The pictures you see are Bug & Buzz with their latest dress-up additions - old wigs from Auntie Dar! They have had so much fun with those wigs. But then, silly Bailey, our yellow lab mix puppy that you see in one of the pics chewed up half of one of the wigs. We didn't know if she'd make it or not, but she was fine! It's amazing what animals can consume and then live afterwards. Needless to say, we've had to move the wigs out of her reach. The picture of my sweet Erik and our Bug was when she had her preschool graduation in May. It's hard to believe that she's done with that chapter of her life already! Auntie Dar is in the background of that picture.

More pictures to come soon...Happy 4th of July!