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Our Family
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding Support

Walking through grief is a challenge, and to find people who are willing to walk that road with those who are grieving can also be a challenge. We've been tremendously blessed with family and friends who are journeying with us and upholding us in prayer, love and friendship as well as actual physical helps...like my mom, who has been doing some of our laundry - what a gift...and both of our sets of parents who have been helping with our children some of the time - amazing...and all the people who have brought food or who are still committed to bring food in the weeks to come - we are thriving and surviving because of all of you who are doing these things to help us. Thank you doesn't seem like enough to say. But thank you I will say again and again...

Recently we started attending a support group for people like us who have been through some type of loss of a child. What a healing place to be. We are so grateful to have found this group and we know it will be a place of continued blessing for us and hopefully for the rest of the group as well.

I honestly don't know how people get through the loss of a child or any other type of human loss without this kind of support. And for us, I do not know how we'd get through this without our faith and hope in the Lord. He is showing Himself to us each day. Today as I was driving, I was thanking God out loud for the way He has shown up in our lives in this journey. I was remembering how present He was while we were in the hospital before, during and after delivery - I felt the presence of the Lord in a mighty way and that brought me hope and strength and peace. And I was thanking Him for the way that He has been allowing Erik and I to talk through things. Even though we're at different places in our grief sometimes, we're still able to discuss things and be there for each other right now...and I'm so thankful for that. I was thanking Him for not leaving us comfortless..."I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." - John 14:18 He has done that. He has been comforting us. (FYI - the only reason I remember that scripture reference is because I first learned it through song with my college choir - thanks TKS for all the music you helped implant in my brain. :))

One day I hope that we can help comfort others the way He has comforted us.


Shanta said...

Speaking of which, just let me know if you want the kiddos to come to Aunt Anne and Uncle Steve's some Tuesday. I love you!