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Our Family
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Sunday, March 25, 2012


A walk in the spring air was in order this evening. Bailey and I headed out into the coolish outdoors for our adventure. It has only been 3.5 weeks since I delivered Solveig, so I haven't been walking very long distances...until today. Walking around the loop at the park just didn't feel like enough today, so I decided to take our slightly longer loop and ended up walking for 30 minutes. This was quite a bit for today but it felt so good.

While I was walking, I thought about the notion that deciding to walk and deciding to continue on in my walk is much like continuing to press on in life after the loss of my baby girl. It would be really easy to shrivel up and not move forward, but I know that I need to slowly move forward...bit by bit...step by step...one foot in front of the other...day by day...moment by moment. In the midst of my grief I can choose to continue moving forward. I can choose to live fully in each moment of each day. Believe me when I say that this is a real challenge right now. And I know that I am nothing in this challenge without the strength of the Lord sustaining me through each step of the walk. The depth of sustenance from the Lord is what keeps me going. He is my rock and my strength, the one in whom I place my trust.

If you're struggling to place one foot in front of the other today, I encourage you to do so. You can do it. You will get through it. He can carry you...if you choose to let Him.


Erin Bennett said...

Thank you for writing, Melody! And for continuing to walk and let the Lord sustain you.