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Our Family
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Joy

The last few days have found me with more joy than sadness. What a refreshing change. It's too dark walking around through the tunnel of death and depression. Granted, it's normal, perfectly normal for what I'm going through as a grieving mom. But it is not a place I wish to dwell the rest of my life. And for that, I'm grateful. Part of me wonders if I should feel guilty for experiencing joy and happiness right now. But then I really don't think I should. That guilt is not warranted, and it is most certainly NOT from the Lord.

I can honestly say that I've felt some moments of happiness in the last couple of days. The Lord has blessed me with some precious friends who have been incredibly uplifting. One sweet friend Becky slipped a note in my purse at church the other day, telling me that she's praying for me, and also that she thought of a specific verse for me. Thank you sweet Becky. Another friend Aleeta brought me some coffee and a scone the other day when she delivered a meal. That totally made my day. Thank you Aleeta. Four of my friends from MOPS came to help clean our house the other night - so awesome. Thank you Alisha, Heidi, Lexi and Peggy. You lifted my spirit and our house looks so much better thanks to you. Yesterday, my friend Heidi shared her story of losing her son who was born still seventeen years ago. It brought me comfort talking with another mommy who has been down a very similar road. Thank you Heidi. And my "natural girls" friends and I went out last night for dinner and we laughed so hard and shared good conversation. Thank you Christin, Jackie, Joy and Liz. Today I talked on the phone with my sweet friend Amy. She's like an older sister and advisor to me, and I so appreciate her counsel and encouragement.

There are so many others who have blessed me lately...the above are just a sampling. I'm immensely blessed with these friends. Thank you Lord for showering me with your love through the gift of friendship.

If you're going through a deep, dark valley right now, I encourage you to seek out the encouragement and love of friends during your trial. Don't be afraid to ask them to pray for you, or to sit with you while you share your story...don't be afraid to accept the help which they may offer you through meals, child care, cleaning, etc...they want to bless you and by accepting their help, you are allowing them to serve you as they desire to do.

You will be encouraged if you allow others to encourage you. But you must allow them in...

2 Corinthians 13:11 - "Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you."

May the Lord bless you and your family this Good Friday. Because of Christ's death on the cross, we have victory from death and sin. We have victory and we can have eternity with Him if we so choose.


Houseofmills said...

It was fun laughing last night.
I thank God that he made us to be relational people. He didn't want us to walk our "journey's" alone.

Tesha said...

Amen to that....you are truly blessed. Most of my help is online which is kind of sad but at least I have that, thank the Lord. I am glad you are loved and supported saying a prayer that you would have a good Easter!!1