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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bracelet Story Contest

Yesterday I went to the Bri_ghton store at the mall to see if they could help me with my charm bracelet which had a loose closure and also a lost stopper bead.  They immediately looked at the bracelet and said that they would just replace the bracelet itself as well as the stopper bead.  FABULOUS service, I tell you!  Thank you Bri_ghton and kind ladies at the store.

I went on to tell the ladies of my story and the significance behind my bracelet.  They said that they had heard about me from the other sales associates and they were so moved by the story of my daughter.  Then they told me about a contest through Bri_ghton.  The contest is for people to share their story of their charm bracelet and the woman that the bracelet is for.  They were cheering me on, saying that I absolutely had to share my story!  So, today I wrote that story.  Some of it I have already shared on here, so it was not too hard for me to come up with something.  What follows is the story that was just submitted this evening.  Also, I have to say that one of the ladies who helped us create the bracelet was there tonight.  Her name is Doreen and she's so sweet.  She gave me a huge hug tonight and said that it meant so much to her that I came back to the store and that I decided to share my story.  Thank you Doreen.  You really did make a difference for us.  Here it is!  I'm hoping that it will be selected for voting.  If it is, I'll be sure to let you know and I'll ask for your votes online!

This story is not about a woman, but about my stillborn daughter who would inspire me greatly.  February 26, 2012 my husband Erik and I received some of the worst news any parents could ever hear – our baby girl Solveig Sofia had died inside my womb at 33.5 weeks gestation.  We went home to prepare over the next day for the delivery of our daughter.  The hospital grief counselor encouraged us to find a special outfit and blanket for our baby, but also to get a piece of jewelry that would be in honor of her…something that we could touch to her while we were holding her and saying our hellos and goodbyes.  We made our way to the Brighton store at our nearby shopping mall and after explaining our story to the two ladies working in the store, they helped us through many tears to put together what has become a most incredible keepsake.  My silver bracelet has on it the three initials of my children, all on beautiful silver beads with tiny crystals.  I also chose a special charm for Solveig: a round circle with a cross on one side and the word “believe” on the other.  There are two silver stopper beads with diamonds on them to hold all of the charms in place.

Solveig was born on February 29 and we had photos taken with our family. We placed the bracelet near Solveig’s hands and feet for many of the photos.  For Solveig’s burial, we purchased duplicates of the “S” charm as well as the cross that says “believe.”  At her funeral service, those charms were displayed next to Solveig’s tiny pink casket along with her photo.  Two days later we buried her, with her little “S” and cross charms inside her casket.  Even though her spirit has left her earthly body, wearing my bracelet helps me to feel connected to Solveig in a special way, since we both have the same charms with us.  Since her death, I have worn my bracelet nearly every waking minute of each day.  Little did I know when we purchased the bracelet just how much it would come to mean to me.  When I look at the cross charm that says “believe,” I am reminded that our daughter is in Heaven with Jesus.  I believe He died so that she could be there, and so that I could believe and hope in Him, knowing that I will one day also be with her in Heaven.

Thanks again Jen for your amazing photos.


Shanta said...

I hope you win! Thank you for sharing these stunning photos!

Tesha said...

Oh I love the story and the bracelet if you do not win they simple do not have a heart. This was so very moving. I love the beautiful Pictures of your sweet daughter.Hugs and prayers being sent your way sweet friend.

Trennia said...

This was so heart touching,I think you should win!
Thank you for sharing photo's of your beautiful daughter.

Laurie and company said...

no other words.