Our Family

Our Family
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cleaning Frenzy

We are trying to clean clean clean so that we can get our home on the market soon! I'm in the deep cleaning mode right now...getting all the lint out of the carpet creases along the walls. Carpet is really not my favorite thing when I can see all the dirt coming out of it! I think that wood or tile floors are great because it is SO much easier to clean. My sweet husband loves his carpet though, because it "feels good in the morning!" I suppose, squishy carpet on the toes is a nice feeling, but what is in the depths of that carpet? Anyhow, I'm kind of a germ freak and I'm learning about how hard it is to keep germs out of our world. Besides that, there are the "supergerms" out there, and if we become immune to them, that will not be a good thing! SO, needless to say, my Little Bug has definitely gotten her share of germs and I'm sure she'll continue to, and I'm learning to be somewhat okay with that.

Seriously though, I do believe that God likes us to maintain our surroundings, wherever those may be. And in my case, it is our home. I haven't been very good at maintaining and keeping up with our home since having my little girl, but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things...especially with the house showings just around the corner.

It has been raining here all day and the weather is so "fall like." I LOVE cooler, Fall weather so much. It has been a good day for relaxing, eating banana sour cream waffles, dinner out with cousins, and cleaning our home. Tomorrow I get to play my penny whistle at our church. That should be fun! And we're hoping to have a date time in the afternoon, so I'm looking forward to our little getaway for a few hours.

So long for tonight...