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Our Family
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prayers Answered :)

Thank you to all who have been praying for my Uncle Ron. His recovery is slow but coming along. He is still in the hospital and will probably be there for some time yet, but we're not sure how long.

On Christmas Day, I had all the family members who were present participate in creating a box of notes, letters, pictures, stories, verses and more for Uncle Ron. I brought my scrapbooking stuff and set it out on my parents' kitchen table and people got to work writing out their thoughts and memories. My niece especially got into it and made several items for the box. I think she's hooked now on scrapbooking, so hopefully she and I can do that together in the future. The box was one that I found at a discount store, but it was big and blue with silver designs on it, and I think it said "joy" as well. I wanted Uncle to have some joy brought into his world, and I think he did. Later that night, I went with my Auntie Dar to the hospital to visit Uncle and bring him the box. He was very touched. My brother and his wife were there as well, and they were crying as well as me and Auntie Dar.

Another little guy that I'd like for you to pray for is baby Stellan. His mama has a blog, and I don't know how to make a link to it through a highlighted word...can anyone help me with that? Her blog is mycharmingkids.net if you want to check it out. We've prayed for Stellan before, but he is in the hospital now at a few months old, and has RSV. He seems to be responding well to the treatment and help he is getting, but he is not out of the woods. Please pray for Baby Stellan. He is the youngest of four kids, and I went to college with his mama.

Thank you!


Jen D said...

What a great idea for your Uncle and how neat to see God answering prayers! I've been praying for and following Baby Stellan's progress too.
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