Our Family

Our Family
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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tonight, we finally got to dig into our basement junk collection after the kids went to sleep. I'm SO excited and proud of myself for starting to get some more organization done. There is still a whole lot of stuff that just hasn't found a home since we moved in. Amazing too all the treasures I came across as we were digging...like a lovely pitcher that was a wedding gift, my wedding crinolin underskirt thing, the decorative shoe collection that I inherited from my Auntie Dar who inherited it from our Great Aunt Olive, lots of picture frames that we received as wedding gifts that have never had pictures put in them (gotta remedy that soon!), and a whole lot of dust and small, dead critters as well as many many other goodies. Fun. I also worked on organizing our pantry shelves. I like to keep a small stock of extra canned goods, zipper storage bags and containers, and paper goods. It has come in very handy. We are enjoying our crawl space storage area in the basement. It is so helpful to have a place to stash the items that won't get looked at very often.

We have TONS of snow right now! It will most definitely be a white Christmas after all, and that is great. Today the snow was blowing a lot, and after debating if we should try to head out for a bit, we decided it wouldn't be a good idea.