Our Family

Our Family
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Monday, July 14, 2008


Wowsers! I just saw that I haven't written a post in a week, and I cannot believe how quickly that time has flown! Thank you for the encouraging comments and for your prayers. Anders is doing pretty well it seems, and he likes to eat a lot. We've worked out a system of giving him bottles during the nighttime feedings, and then I try to nurse him more during the day. Erik is then able to help me out with one of those feedings, bless his sweet heart! He seems to be enjoying the daddy & son time when he gets to help feed his boy.

Tomorrow morning Anders has an ultrasound on his spine at 10:30 am. I truly have such peace and know that God is in control. I really haven't been worrying about things, and I know it is because people are praying and that God has alleviated this worry from me. I'll try to let you know as soon as I know any results. I'm not sure how that will work, if I will get results right away or if it will have to be read by a dr. and then we won't know for a few days or a week or something to that effect.

Gotta go feed my little monkey man before big sister wakes up...