Our Family

Our Family
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Possible offer & Awesome day with church

So, we might be getting an offer on our house but we haven't seen the papers yet or heard what the offer might be! Nonetheless, it is exciting and scary to think about the prospect of leaving this home and starting another...Please pray with us if you think of it.


Also, I had the wonderful privelege of singing with my church choir yesterday for a special 60th anniversary celebration of the church. I had a solo in a new piece that was commissioned for the day, and it was written by a dear friend and colleague of mine. He is SO talented, and the music was just glorious. I felt so honored to be singing yesterday. We truly worshipped God as a church family, and it felt like an incredible bonding experience. Not only did we have a huge special service in the morning, but there was a gigantic concert in the afternoon. It was an awesome day, but geepers, I am super tired out today! After performance letdown I guess! Anyhow, I really felt the Holy Spirit in our midst and it was way cool...


Yvette said...

I'll pray for an offer on your home. How exciting! Let us know what happens!