Our Family

Our Family
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Nibbles on the House

We had a 2nd showing yesterday, and apparently those people are very interested in our house! SO, that's good news. The only bad news is that the people are concerned about our radon levels, as we disclosed that we have slightly elevated radon levels here in our home...but this is a very common problem in our area. We might have to help pay for the cost of a radon ventilation removal system, but that would be okay an we're fine with that should it need to happen.

My dad was joking this morning and said, "Just tell them that the radon comes with the home, free of charge!" He made me giggle...always can get a good giggle from my Dad. He has a great sense of humor.

If you're reading this, would you please pray with us that our house will sell soon? That would be great! It would be awesome if the people who are so interested would just decide that this is their spot. Before their showing yesterday, I was just praying that they would feel God's spirit in our home and feel at peace here if it was meant to be for them. That really helps to pray that way, instead of just praying, "God, please sell our house."

My Little Bug has a nasty cold and cough and I'm taking her in to see the Dr. today. She's been waking up coughing the last few nights...this is the first time she's been sick, which is a blessing, but it is hard nonetheless to see and hear her struggling through this illness.

Blessings to you all...