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Our Family
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's not over 'till it's over...

Well folks in my blogosphere, here's the latest news from my world...

As I wrote last, our home was sold subject to inspection last Tuesday. However, at the inspection, the inspector apparently found a whole laundry list of things to fix...I'm talking roughly 25 or more things. And some of the things were absolutely hilarious and we seriously laughed about them. For instance:

1. Tree branches in front of house are to be pruned so as to not touch the house.
2. (re. a project of covering up Styrofoam in the basement laundry/storage area...) it shall be painted a shade of white agreed upon by the buyers.

And there were many more things. Some of the things were truly things that were safety concerns and we should certainly fix them...things with the boiler, plumbing, electrical, etc...but these people wanted ALL of these different projects to be taken care of by licensed professionals...and really, why can't I just hop up on my roof and cut the tree branches myself? I guess that would be something that typically Erik would do, but anyway, you get my point.

SO, what we did is come back and say that we would not fix any of these things, but that we'd give them some more money off of the purchase price, so that they could put that towards fixing things. And they said no, "we're done." Now we don't know what we're going to do, except that we must be patient...and that is THE hardest thing for me right now.

In the meantime, we had gone out with our Realtors who are absolutely dear, and we found a house that we LOVE and it was such a good price for us and would suit our needs and dreams very well. Apparently there is now an offer on that home, so we don't know yet if it will be accepted or not.

It is very probable that if we do not sell this home before Thanksgiving that we'll just take it off the market for the winter and wait until Spring when things pick up again. Then in that time period, Erik and I could continue working on the laundry list and have it all perfect for the next inspector. :)

Our Realtors who have been in this business for over 30 years said that they have never seen such a huge and unreasonable list of things to fix.

God must be teaching us some lessons right now, but it is really hard to swallow that pill sometimes. I had my ideas but He has his..."my ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts, declares the Lord." (I hope I got that in the right order...I think it is from Psalms, but can't remember right now.)

If you would please pray that our house sells in the RIGHT time to the RIGHT people and that we find the RIGHT house, that would be so much appreciated.

Thanks so much...blessings to you all...and may you rest very well tonight.


kelly said...

oh mel, that is so disappointing! if those people want perfection, they should move into a brand new house- not an old one! how silly. but your attitude is good, and the Lord certainly will bring the right people at the right time! i love you lots!!!

Lacinda said...

*sigh* it's so hard to wait sometimes.
You are wise to acknowledge God's hand in all of this--His timing is perfect.