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Our Family
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bug is Six!

Today is my Bug girl's sixth birthday!  I can hardly believe that she has already made it to this age.  Six years ago today, I was in the hospital, very ill with Preeclampsia and being monitored closely during my labor.  Bug and I had our heart rates and blood pressure going up and down and it was pretty touch and go.  I almost had to have a c-section, but thankfully was able to avoid that. :)  Little Bug made her entrance into the world at 11:45 pm and she was so tiny, weighing in at 5 lbs. 2 oz!  I had never held a baby that small and thought that she would break if I did something wrong.  Such joy flooded my soul and I was overwhelmed with her beauty.  Erik and I began our journey into parenthood and we were so excited and clueless!  What a precious miracle my little girl is.

Thank you, sweet girl, for bringing to our lives so much joy and laughter!  You are very funny and you keep us on our toes with your inquisitive nature.  Bug, you like to follow the rules (most of the time), and you tend to look out for the good of others, especially your little brother Buzz.  You do almost everything with him and you two are practically inseparable when you're home at the same time.  We're so glad to see you enjoying one another most moments.  My Bug, you sing right on pitch and you like to do pitch matching with me.  You've been taking piano the last several months from your Grammie and seem to be enjoying that new venture a lot.  Dance is still a passion for you, and you love to dance to any fun music that you may hear...even in the grocery store!  Small dolls and stuffed animals are your friends, but most important to you is your dog, Bailey.  You love her so much and you can often be found laying with her on her soft pillow, or throwing her a ball in the yard, or playing chase with her.  You also enjoy drawing, painting and coloring pictures and could spend hours doing that and creating bracelets, necklaces, "mouse webs" (aka strings tied up like crazy around our house), and many other fun creations.  I love your creativity. You love school and you usually do your work quietly there.  When you bring home homework, you like to get all the week's work done the first day of the week rather than spreading it out!  Maybe you'll avoid procrastination, unlike your mama. :)  You love your teachers at school, Mrs. P and Mrs. M, and you enjoy learning new things, especially science, reading, art and music.  You also love doing active things and can often be found jumping up and down on the trampoline in our neighbors yard, running and jumping and climbing on the swing set, and chasing your brother.  Bug, you have always used big words from the time you were little, and you still like to do that.  In fact, recently you said something to me along the lines of, "Mommy, I just like to listen to the words you are using and try to copy them."  Mommy needs to heed warning to be careful what words come out of my mouth, since little ears are constantly tuning in!

Bug, your daddy and I love you so much, and we cannot imagine our lives without you.  You have made life so rich.

Below are some pictures of our life with Bug:

"Bug" - 5 lbs 2 oz, right after delivery and "cleanup time" at the hospital - 5/19/06 - 11:45 PM

Very tired and drugged mama & daddy with tiny girl

5 days old - in our backyard at our first home - one of my favorite pics of us with our little girl, taken by our sweet neighbor Dave - we miss you Dave!

1 year old! - 2007

2 years old - ladybug birthday party - 2008 - I made ladybug cupcakes - so fun!

Bug & Buzz - 3 & 1 - 2009 - Dora party for Bug

4 years old - My Little Pony cake for Bug - 2010

2011 - May - 1st ballet - age 5 - she was a mouse -so cute!

The 3 Musketeers - wearing Auntie Dar's old wigs, before Bailey ate one of them...Spring 2011

CandyLand Birthday Party for the two kids - I made the cake and had SO much fun with it!
I also made a whole bunch of decorations for the party.  What a blast. 2011 - Bug, Age 5, Buzz,  Age 3

5 years old - riding Buzz' bicycle - 2011

6 years old - wearing her strawberry dress...the ones that I bought in duplicates for her and for her little sister Solveig.
  So glad I saved them rather than returning them.
May 2012

Happy Birthday to my sweet Bug!!!  LOVE YOU so much!  May God bless you in your life.
  And may you grow to love Him more and more each day.  You are a blessing.