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Our Family
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Juicing and Leaf Preservation!

Well, tonight we finally tried out our juicer and it was SO wonderful! The juice is delicious and it was simple to make it. We made a carrot and orange juice for our first go round and the votes came in very positive. Little Bug loved it and so did Mama & Daddy! Of course it was kind of a mess to clean up, but really, I think it is so worth the health benefits.

We all have the crud. Daddy was gone today helping some friends to move, so Mama and the kiddos hung out at home. We were able to go for a walk this afternoon, and it was lovely! Little Bug and I chose a bunch of gorgeous leaves to bring home. Then I remembered a fun project from my YMCA day camp counselor days, and I found the directions for it in a kids craft book that I have...and we preserved the leaves by placing them in between wax paper and ironing them. If you do this, you have to first put a layer of newspaper on the ironing board, then a layer of wax paper, then the leaves, another layer of wax paper, and another layer of newspaper. Iron away for 30 seconds on each leaf, and then when you're all done you just pull the wax paper away from the leaves, and voila - you have preserved leaves! I have no idea how long they are preserved for, but I'm excited to find out!


Lacinda said...

I love my juicer too. We do mostly carrot juice and the kids like it which always makes me happy!

I love your leaf craft. I'll have to try it out. Does the newspaper leave black marks on the iron?

SingerMamaMelody said...

Hey there Lacinda! No, the newspaper didn't leave marks on the iron...well, I guess I didn't notice any! The reason for the newspaper is so that the wax paper doesn't melt to the iron. I wonder if regular paper would work as well?