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Our Family
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Home & Okay

I went to the Dr. yesterday for my regular checkup and had a good report. Things are still looking the way they should at this point in the pregnancy. I'm now 35 weeks along, as of today! Only 5 more weeks to go...or less, if this little guy starts acting up again! :) I haven't had as many contractions as the two earlier episodes, but there is still definitely something going on. My Dr. said that if I can just get to 36 weeks then she will be fine with the baby coming anytime after that...so, hear this little buddy, you better stay in there a tiny bit longer, okay? Actually, when our boy didn't come onto the scene this past week like I thought he might, I was almost disappointed because I'm really looking forward to meeting him! But then of course my common sense kicked in and I realized that every day he can stay in there is good for him. There's a reason that God made the entire gestational period to be forty weeks! He has it so perfectly planned.

In the meantime, we had a great weekend with a visit from our dear friends Kim & James! It was so much fun to have them here with us for two nights. Thanks for coming you two! Erik was even able to take them out sailing on Monday so that was neat.

And if you have heard about crazy tornadoes coming through our area, they were just about 15-20 minutes north of where we live. We didn't have any peripheral hail damage here at our home, but we know some people who did have some severe hail damage...don't know anyone who lost a home, but there were many of those. Please pray for these families who have been impacted by the storm.


Lacinda said...

I'm so excited for the soon arrival of you little one! Those last few weeks are so hard, aren't they?!!