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Our Family
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

incredible article...

Hey Friends,

I just happened to read this article about choosing life over abortion and thought it was very inspiring!


I remember when Kristiana was just several weeks old and a young girl came to our door working for Planned Parenthood. She was of course looking for donations and asked me if I was pro-choice. I promptly replied with great conviction and joy, "No, I'm very much pro-life, especially now with my new daughter." She quietly watched Kristi & I and said, "Okay, I can understand why you would feel that way. I hope things go well with your new daughter." I really hope that she does understand. I have often thought of that girl and have asked God to help her to see why life is such a gift from HIM!!!

Thank you Lord, for giving us life. Life is such a vapor. Please help us to respect life and to cherish life. Amen.