Our Family

Our Family
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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I haven't posted in a bit so I figured it was time! Here's the update on life from our home:

Last weekend we had our first ER adventure with Little Bug. She had Croup and was barking like a seal at 1:15 AM on Saturday morning, then threw up and was just generally having a hard time breathing. I called the Dr. and he said that if she was in a lot of distress to take her in to the ER, so we did that. On the way there, Bug started to feel better because of breathing in the cold air. We went in and they gave her a steroid to help relieve the inflammation in her larynx and then offered her a Popsicle, which she proclaimed after one lick was "too cold!" She's going through a phase where things are always too hot or too cold. Anyway, I'm glad that we went. Children's Hospital in St. Paul is wonderful. They really had so many neat tricks to help our little one stay calm. The whole time we were there, I kept thinking about all the people we know who make many many trips to the ER with their children on a regular basis...and I can't imagine how difficult it must be for those families.

Bug has had an icky cold all week, but I think she's starting to feel a little better. Our weather has been changing a lot too, so that might be part of it. In fact, as I type this, we're having more SNOW!!!!!! I thought for sure it was done a few weekends ago, but I should've known better!

Also, I had a fun little weekend trip to Houston a few weeks ago to visit friends. One dear friend is getting married, so I went for her bridal shower. I also had the privilege of staying with my voice teacher, his lovely wife, and their teenage son for a few days and it was great to catch up with them. Then I spent one night with my girls from grad. school and we had a really nice time together as well! It was fun to take one last trip before baby comes in July.

I'm starting to get a little swollen and hoping that Preeclampsia isn't setting in. If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers over this matter. I'm a bit nervous about getting the illness again, but at least this time I'm much better prepared to understand what is going on if something should happen.

Have a great weekend!