Our Family

Our Family
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charleston Pics

Here are some photos from our vacation in Charleston, which was a month and a half ago now!!! Geepers - I'm slow at getting pictures onto the computer. But that's because I can never remember how to do it. Erik has to help me! Thanks Honey!

Picture #1: At Fort Sumter, which is on a little tiny island, holding only the Fort.
Picture #2: Cherry Blossoms at the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens.
Picture #3: An alligator and his turtle friends, resting in the sun on the lovely 65 degree day at the plantation gardens.
Picture #4: Preggy Melody at the Gardens.
Picture #5: Melody & Erik in the swampy part of the Gardens...VERY cool.

If you have never been to Charleston, South Carolina, we would highly recommend it as a lovely place to visit! It was rejuvenating for our marriage to take a little vacation, just the two us. I'm so thankful that we could do that. Frequent flyer miles are SO helpful!!!!!!! I guess that is one benefit of Erik having to travel sometimes.