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Our Family
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Pictures

These pics are from the recital that I performed at North_western Coll_ege on October 12th this year. Our program had works by Sib_elius, St_raus, Sch_ubert, Mil_haud, Ba_ch and perhaps one more that I'm forgetting...and included a few chamber works that were a blast to perform.
Here I am with Matt Wilson on horn and Jan Scovill on piano.

Left to right: Jan Scholl, clarinet; Melody, soprano; Matt Wilson, horn; Jan Scovill, piano

Me & my honey, Erik.

It was so much fun to do a recital again as I hadn't done one since my 2nd masters recital at Ri_ce, Fall of 2004. Recitals are SO much work, but so rewarding and enjoyable to perform. I just wish we could perform our program again sometime! I'm hoping to continue taking lessons from my friend and colleague here in town, Doreen. Then perhaps I could gear up for some more music making!


Houseofmills said...

You look really nice. Glad you had fun doing this.