Our Family

Our Family
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Potty Training Today!!!

Well folks, today was our big potty training party day! And I have to say that I think it went fairly well. Honey and I were up until 1AM decorating our house in a Tin_kerbell theme and getting everything all ready - the drinks, the miniature snack cups, the big girl underwear, the dolly who wets and pees (and who also happens to look like that scary horror movie doll "Chu_ckie" - didn't think of that until AFTER I bought the doll), and other presents to entertain and reward throughout the day. We followed the model in the book about potty training your child in one day and it worked great. All morning we worked on potty training "Dolly." Every time Dolly would pee or poop in her potty chair, then we'd race to the bathroom and empty out her potty chair receptacle and put stickers up on the progress chart for telling us that she had to go, then sitting on the chair, and then actually going. My dear Bug who LOVES stickers thought this was fabulous. Then after putting stickers on the chart, Bug got to choose a yummy snack that I had placed in miniature snack cups - those little candy cups from the baking section in the craft store. Very fun! And true to form, my girl most often chose the dried fruit over the cookies or chocolates or cheese puffs. I love that she loves her fruit! Then in the afternoon, we presented her with her new underwear and she proudly donned them and promptly went pee on the potty without much prodding at all! We did this a lot during the day, and only had a couple of accidents. Tonight we had a special homeade pizza dinner with Grammie & Grump, my parents, and then some special key lime pie cupcakes for dessert! YUM! All in all, it was a great day of celebrating the success that our little girl is now a BIG girl, and that she peed in the potty! No poop yet...