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Our Family
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Bandits

A few months ago at my MOPS group, we watched a video by Andy_Stanley of North_Point_Church in Georgia. The message was all about how we need to be really careful with our time. The main points were:

#1 - "There is a cumulative value in investing small amounts of time in certain activities over a long period."
#2 - "Neglect has a cumulative effect as well."
#3 - "There are rarely immediate consequences for neglecting single installments of time in any particular arena of life."
#4 - "There is no cumulative value in the urgent things we allow to interfere with what's most important."
#5 - "In the critical arenas of life you cannot make up for lost time."

Much of what Pastor Andy was referring to in regard to time was how we relate or choose to not relate to our families, and specifically husbands and wives. It was such a good reminder to me of the importance of focusing much of my time and energy towards my family during, especially during this phase of life. Small children require much time and attention, but I feel that they along with my dear husband need to be some of my top priorities right now.

Pastor Andy listed four areas of our lives and made the challenge to us to find something within those four areas that we could try to change. Mine were:

1. Physical - workout more often
2. Relational - be kind daily
3. Professional - practice my singing more often
4. Spiritual - read my Bible with more regularity

The reason I'm posting all of this is that I'm working on cleaning off our office desk which is currently HIDEOUS and in much need of attention after I have NEGLECTED it for way too long. I'm such a procrastinator, and trying to get better at taking care of things as I see them rather than waiting for them to mysteriously take care of themselves. Anyone else relate to that?

SO, back to cleaning my desk...and be challenged to not neglect the small things in life. It is those that will pile up and become large things if you don't tend to them.