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Our Family
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crying it out!

Well, my Little Buzz is now four and a half months old. I can hardly believe it! He weighed in at 15 lbs. 12 oz. for his four month appointment, and I think that put him a 67% for weight. He was around 30 inches for height, so at 78% or so for that, and then his head was in the 95%, just like Mama! Maybe he'll be a singer and then he can resonate all day in his head...

So, a few days ago I decided that my child needs to learn how to take naps regularly. It has been much harder to institute that with an older child around, so he just doesn't get a nap regularly. Today I'm letting him cry, and then every five minutes I go and pick him up and comfort him and then put him back in his crib. It's awful. I hate hate hate hearing him cry like that. He's wailing right now as I type and it stinks. BUT, I know that he needs to sleep, and I have to help him figure that out. I hope that he can learn to sleep on his own soon. He just hasn't been a super good sleeper yet, and maybe he never will be. A night owl, perhaps, like me.

And Big Bug woke up with a cold this morning, so I wasn't able to go to my MOPS group. I really try to abide by the rules to not bring children with colds, although I think my kiddo must have picked up something at church this past weekend when we were there. There's just always bugs going around, and as one friend told me, "kids are like petri dishes." So, in the midst of not going to MOPS, I'm trying to accomplish other things like dishes and laundry. And that is a good thing!


Rachel W said...

Hi Melody,
Here's my (unsolicited!) advice: Don't go in and pick him up every five minutes. You may be disturbing him from falling asleep! He is probably crying to settle himself down and after awhile (anywhere from 5-30 minutes) he will finally conk out. But if you pick him up, then he has to start the whole process over again. Give it a try and see if it works. I did this with all my girls and now Christin usually gives a half hearted whimper that lasts about 10 seconds before she settles down and puts her head down to fall asleep. So anyway, I know you weren't asking but I have definitely been there so I thought I'd share my advice!

Blessings--let me know how it goes!
Rachel W

Angie said...

Melody - yay for growing! Post new pics of Little Buzz so we can see how cute he is! :)