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Our Family
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Friday, February 8, 2008


Pregnancy makes a person crave really bizarre things...like the traditional pickles & ice cream. Of those two, I have more often craved the pickles, probably because of the salt. And then there is my craving for grapefruit! I had that in my first pregnancy and I have it again this time. The iron craving happens to me at least once a week, if not twice, and I have to restrain myself from going through the Wendy's drive-thru lurking for a juicy cheeseburger. But I do give into that craving probably once every few weeks, the Wendy's burger craving that is. :) TONIGHT, I was craving chicken flavored ramen noodles! The bad for you, full of MSG, yummy tasting nooddles that I simply cannot get enough of lately. Once again, I think it is the salt that I'm craving. And it is precisely the salt which I should probably be monitering. My blood pressure is really great right now, but in my first pregnancy when I started to have some complications due to Preeclampsia, I had to virtually eliminate salt from my diet. It was SO hard! But I learned how to use really great herbs and spices in my cooking, and that helped. Seriously though, our nation is terrible with the salt consumption, and I'm one of those consumers! One of my friends who has to watch salt intake told me that we eat several times more salt, as a nation, than most of the rest of the world. No wonder we have so many health problems. Anyway, I need to make it my goal to make myself eat a healthier snack than chicken ramen noodles next time that craving calls! Apple, anyone?


Shan in Japan said...

Fresh, home-made ramen noodles at a ramen shop in Japan are the best! As far as I can tell from taste, they do not have the salt content of the prepackaged kind.
Make my apple a Fuji apple!:)

Anonymous said...

We converted to sea salt with all the little minerals you can see in there. I read that it's much more healthy and the taste is great with very little used. I wouldn't go back to the processed stuff anymore. Just make sure you buy a kind that has little dark specks in it - that's the minerals. :-)(from Jill Schwarz)