Our Family

Our Family
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Thursday, November 8, 2007


I just rocked Kristi and sang to her one last time in our home...and I'm so sad! I will miss this house so much. Erik bought our home just after we started dating. I was living away in the south for graduate school and came home over Thanksgiving to see his new house, and that was five years ago! I liked it then, but I really fell in love with it after we got married and I moved everything into our house. Then it started to become "our" place instead of just a bachelor pad with only Campbell's Chunky soups, pizzas, Healthy Choice "microwaveables" (that's what Erik called them), and ice cream to be found. It took him awhile, but eventually Erik started to like my home-cooking instead of just the microwave dinners he was used to. :) On our two year anniversary, we came home from the hospital with our precious Kristiana Joy. And now she is almost 18 months old! She has grown to know and like her house and to feel comfortable here, just as we do. And now, tomorrow night, we will uproot ourselves from this place that we call home...we will go and stay temporarily with family and then move into our new home...which won't feel like our home for awhile. And I am so sad. I will miss this place that holds so many wonderful "first" memories for us...Erik's first home, our first home as a married couple, the first place we celebrated holidays together, the first home for our daughter...such wonderful memories indeed! This home will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will miss it dearly. I'm sure that our next home will also hold special memories...memories that are yet to be made. So, we anticipate that now with joy and yet mixed emotions of leaving this current home behind. I've been praying that this house will be a blessing for the next family that will live here, and that God will use our next home as a place of blessing everyone who enters. For it is He who has provided for us. I have a hard time with change, but I'm learning that "this world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through."