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Our Family
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amazing story of life


I just watched this clip of a_bortion survivor G_ianna J_essen, whom I remember reading about when I was a girl. (by the way, all the underscores are so that people cannot find my blog with an online search by typing in this topic) She is the same age as me, and survived a s_aline a_bortion! Apparently the a_bortion dr. wasn't in the room when she was delivered at just 2 lbs, 7.5 months gestation...otherwise he would've had to strangle her or suffocate her so that she wouldn't be alive. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! BUT, praise the LORD...the nurse was able to SAVE HER LIFE by sending her in an ambulance to a hospital where they took care of her in an incubator, and some precious believers adopted her. And NOW she has an AMAZING story to share and a ministry. I don't like how one of the news anchors in this interview is so short and attacking with her, but she stands up for the truth. AMEN GIRL!

When my Bug was just several weeks old, a girl came to my door who was pro-ch_oice and she was raising funds for some group in our city. She was very nice, but I remember her looking at my little girl after she told me why she was there, and then looking at me and asking me if I was pro-c_hoice, and I said, "no, in fact now I'm VERY pro-l_ife, especially after having this baby." I could tell that she was somewhat taken aback, but very respectful of my stance. She actually seemed to be touched by it. Ever since then, I've wondered about that girl and what happened to her. I have prayed for her several times and for the pro-l_ife movement, that God would be glorified, and that He would help people to see how awful a_bortion is. I know SOOOO many people who would be very happy to adopt the many babies whose lives are being taken from them.

Also, I remember in college having a pro-l_ife week where we had special speakers in chapel. One of the speakers was a woman who had two a_bortions herself and later realized her terrible mistake. She ended up getting married to a neat pastor after she became a C_hristian, and then she and her husband had four children together. She said that every year, her family has a special commemoration for those two babies that she lost. They light candles and remember them, and they talk about reuniting with them in Heaven one day. I remember her saying that one time they were on a beach vacation, and she looked out to see her four children playing in the sand and water, and realized that there should've been two more...that really struck me.

Another speaker that week in chapel was a former a_bortion dr. She shared how cold hearted she had been and how insensitive she had been to the lives that she had taken. God changed her heart, and she became a C_hristian. Now she is very pro-l_ife, and goes around telling people about her story...about what really happens in an a_bortion clinic...

All this to say, I believe that the Lord blesses those who preserve the lives of babies...and that all children are blessings, regardless of how they were conceived. However, honestly, I have no idea how I would react if I was raped or the victim of incest and then became pregnant with a child. No idea. But I believe that those babies are blessings too, and that God can make good come out of evil. And again, there are just so many people who are ready to adopt babies - so many many loving homes available.

If you're reading this, and you've had an a_bortion, please know that I am not condemning you. We all have our stories, don't we? Believe me, I am far far far from being perfect...learning things every day about how imperfect I really am. But I am saved by the blood of Jesus, and He has given me a mind to think and to learn, and I'm trying to be wise. I want to live by His grace alone.

If you are needing help or someone to pray with about this matter or any other, please let me know and I would be glad to pray for you.

May God bless your week.