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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unbelievable - the CPSC!!!!!!

**Okay, I just re-read the information that I have linked here, and saw that the CPSC has actually said that resale shops and thrift stores will still be able to sell used childrens things...but there is still a problem - no garage sales, no online used product sales...***

I think that I have heard quite possibly the most UNBELIEVABLE thing ever...that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has come out with a ridiculous law that will ban anyone from selling used children's clothing and gear. I can hardly believe what I'm writing. Socialism, here we come. I mean, come on, this is just crazy!!!!! Yes, we all know that there are high amounts of lead in many children's toys, but if parents are really worried about it, then it is THEIR responsibility to not let their kids play with those toys. Our landfills are going to get even more full if this new law continues. And it is supposed to go into effect on February 10th of this year! I can't believe it. I'm furious. Probably at LEAST half of the clothing and gear that we have is used - some of it given to us, and some of it purchased through a resale shop. And it is perfectly fine and good! How on earth is everyone going to be able to afford brand new things for their children? I know people who exclusively shop at resale stores or through an online used source, and this will now not be an option if our government continues to push their way through with this ridiculous law. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help this law to not go through!!!!! Please call your representatives and write letters and sign this petition! Here are some links for you:




Angie said...

Hi Melody,
I TOTALLY AGREE with everything you wrote here. It's quite a financial investment having children and this stupid restriction will make it even more stressed. I also have bought so much stuff for Timothy that is used and I can't believe they're actually going to go through with this stupid law. I agree they should start monitoring the production of NEW toys, but the old stuff? Parents have to use their own resources to decide what's OK for their kids. What's next? Kitchen items, as kids love to play with tupperware, wooden spoons, spatulas, pot/pans, etc.???

Sorry for the vent... but sheesh. This really makes me mad. I'll be writing letters and will sign the petition!

Thanks for doing the research.

Lacinda said...

You know, I can appreciate that congress would be conerned about lead and other poisons being in children's clothing and toys, but don't tell us what we can or can't buy and where we buy! Yes, educate parents on what is safe and unsafe, but to close down resale options is going way too far. It feels like being a kid with an over-protective, over-reactive parent.