Our Family

Our Family
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Friday, December 28, 2007

O my darlin...

"O my darlin', o my darlin', o my darlin' Clementine." Our little Kristiana says these words EVERY day lately, as she has completely fallen in love with Clementines. She has to eat one every day, and asks all day long to have one. When we first introduced Kristi to Clemmies earlier this month, we sang the song for her, and now she often asks for the fruit by just saying the words to the song. Or else she says, "Clementine. Want clementine. I like clementines." It is so funny and makes us giggle every time!

Kristiana has also been saying "thank you" very often, and it is so endearing. It melts my heart and I feel like all this etiquette I am trying to instill in her is starting to pay off!

I am off to grade final exams for my class...